Our programs
Recreational and sports program

Recreational and sports program

A Happy Time

Friend of Autism foundation intends to provide happy times for autistic children, therefore, required arrangements will be made periodically with amusement parks around the city so autistic children along with their parents could enjoy themselves.

Happy Thursdays

Regularly, Friend of Autism foundation makes well-equipped autism centers accessible for autistic children by prior arrangement, so they could play and learn under the care of professional instructors during a four-hour period, meanwhile, their parents could have a distress- free time as well.

Children of the Rainbow Program

Three Squares is a cheerful and colorful art studio. It’s a place for recognizing the unique talents and creativity of children. It’s a place where children can dream big and actually believe in the realization of their dreams. We practice love, respect and joy and we believe in a better future.

Wheel of Friendship

Cycling is a fun, exhilarating sport. Since the two brain hemispheres simultaneously become active in the process of cycling, this happens to be one of the procedures which could increase autistic children’s functionality. Thus, Friend of Autism foundation aims to run cycling campaigns for autistic children.

Swimming pool

Friend of Autism foundation has provided swimming lessons for autistic children in Abfa swimming pool during weekly sessions. In order to make autistic children more comfortable, our foundation has equipped Bavar swimming pool and made it accessible to them.