Yalda 2020 gift delivery 12/27/2020

Yalda 2020 12/27/2020

The collaboration of the Friend of Autism Charity with the Municipality of District 21 12/27/2020

Holding an entrepreneurship workshop for mothers with autistic children 12/13/2020

Workshop on sexual problems and improving marital relationships for women 12/13/2020

November is the month of books and reading books in the Friend of Autism Charity 11/25/2020

ILNA news agency report on holding a book contest at Friend of Autism 11/9/2020

Ettela at newspaper s report on the activities of the Friend of Autism Charity 10/29/2020

Two-day motor training workshop for parents 10/29/2020

The fifth meeting of non-governmental organizations in the field of autism with special education organization 10/7/2020

Autism Charity 10/3/2020

:The presence of the CEO of the institute live on Chanel 2 of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting 9/29/2020

PECS method training workshop for parents 9/27/2020

Donation packages for Dorna Food Industrial Group 9/27/2020

Stationery donation packages of Baspar Tahrir Asia SAHAND IRAN GROUP Company 9/27/2020

utritionist check up 9/19/2020

Stationary donation packages from Rose Tahrir Company of Yazd Canco 9/14/2020

Hope for Parents Webinar 8/23/2020

Food and health packages of Hami company 8/23/2020

Dental visit and fluoride therapy for children who are members of the institute 8/23/2020

Contest for a different type of photography of children with autism spectrum disorder. 8/18/2020

Gifts of Farmand Company 8/18/2020

Takdaneh companys gift packages 8/18/2020

Gift packages of My Cosmetics Company 8/18/2020

Marital problems webinar 8/12/2020

Psychiatrist visit 8/4/2020 1

ENT visit of children with autism spectrum disorder 8/4/2020 1

a 7/29/2020

The third symposium of Special Education Organization 7/29/2020

Donation packages of Tehran Municipality Welfare, Services & Social Participation Organization 7/22/2020

40th anniversary of the establishment of the State Welfare Organization of Iran and appreciation of its services 7/22/2020

Oghab Halva donation packages 7/22/2020

a 6/26/2020

a 6/26/2020

a 6/26/2020

no 6/24/2020

Friend of Autism certified Tutor(FACT) 6/20/2020

Pegah Dairy 6/7/2020 1

Diba 6/2/2020 1

Autism Charity 6/1/2020 1

Gift packs 6/1/2020 1

The second Specialized Training Webinar on Sensory Analysis 5/21/2020

Exclusive Interview of Radio Tehran with Managing Director of Friend of Autism Charity Foundation 5/14/2020

The First Specialized Training Webinar on Sensory Analysis 5/14/2020

World Autism Awareness video clip 4/2/2020 1

World Autism Awareness Day; April 2nd 2020 4/1/2020 1

Eydaneh supporting package 3/17/2020

AFC specialized periodical 3/9/2020 1

Meeting with the head of the Exceptional Education Center 2/23/2020

Taking part in a marathon 2/21/2020

Painting workshop; 2/20/2020

Earning a bronze badge 1/19/2020

Yalda in 2019 12/21/2019

Coach training courses; 12/17/2019

Sale of products; 12/14/2019

Medical Services provided by AFC in a collaboration with "Imen Jooyan Occupational Medicine Center" 12/7/2019

The first specialized commission for working and street children 11/12/2019

Free dentist's visit; 11/9/2019

Private birthday party held to introduce the website of the popular artist, Ms. Azar Mahisefat; 11/5/2019

A workshop called "Mourning" held for the first time in a specialized way, by the specialists of AFC in "Ghessey Man" kindergarten, 11/5/2019

Visit of Ms. Dr. Nouri, the Honorable Representative of Dr. Salimi as the Mayor of district 3 of Municipality, to AFC 10/23/2019

Participation of AFC in the one-year celebration of Mother & Child Center of Jam Commercial And Office Complex; 8/25/2019

The third Semester (Autumn) of coach training in AFC 7/28/2019

Girl's Day 7/6/2019 1

Awarness of Autism in Tabiat Bridge 5/28/2019

Friends of Autism charity's Ramezan night 5/26/2019

Cooperation with leading sites 5/11/2019

Autism; a strange disorder 3/9/2019 1

Autism is an endless conflict; an extremely infinite conflict 3/9/2019 1

Autism Spectrum Disorder Workshop 3/2/2019 1

Article of Roshde Moalem journal 2/25/2019

Cooperation of the Friend of Autism Foundationand and Imam Khomeini Airport 1/2/2019 1

The book of "uniquely human" 11/14/2018

Friend of Autism Summer 2018 report 10/3/2018

Friend of Autism Foundations activities in World Autism Month 5/8/2018 1

Autism conferences in Mashhad city 4/18/2018

Friend of Autism to raise awareness through the countrys credible journals and magazines 2/15/2018

The Media reflect conferences held by Friend of Autism Foundation 12/4/2017

The conference on 'the common difficulties faced by autistic children in schools'-Mashhad 12/2/2017

The very first course of 'getting to know the world of autism in three hours'-Mashhad 12/2/2017

Job vacancy 11/21/2017

PICA Booklet 11/13/2017

'Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew' 10/30/2017

'Getting to know the world of autism in three hours' 10/28/2017

'Elopement' Booklet 10/28/2017

'Getting to know the world of autism' 9/20/2017

Happy Water Play Program 9/19/2017

Providing a great time for autistic children and their dear parents in amusement parks 5/27/2017

An awareness-raising meeting for autism spectrum disorder in nurseries located in Shemiranat County 5/27/2017

An introductory meeting about autism spectrum disorder for the directors and instructors of Tabiat School 5/24/2017

Sensory processing system evaluation and adjustment device 12/12/2020

Defenseless in facing the Covid-19 11/25/2020

Autism Children s screams in city apartments 11/25/2020

Autism Charity 8/26/2020

Autism Charity 8/26/2020

Autism Charity 8/26/2020

Autism Charity 8/26/2020

Deprivation of urban play space for children with disabilities 8/4/2020 1

Opening the comprehensive Services Center of Autism Children's 2/12/2019

Diagnosis with autism 1/29/2019

105 Autistic pupils in special needs schools of Fars province 11/6/2018

National child's week 10/6/2018

The three Deputy Minister of Health's mission to support Autism 9/16/2018

The implementation of Autism screening test project in Isfahan 9/12/2018

Setting up a Registration System for Autistic Children in Iran 9/5/2018 1

Comprehensive Autism Screening System 9/2/2018 1

The school of autism in Zanjan Province 8/29/2018

Autism covered by health insurance 2/24/2018

Opening the first autism care center in East Azerbaijan Province 2/15/2018

'Living with autism' conference 12/12/2017

Autistic painters 11/26/2017

The third international autism conference 11/25/2017

Autism's first scientific-student association 10/28/2017

Digital Nanning and autism 10/9/2017

Online autism screening 10/3/2017

Carrying out a national screening, diagnosing and intervening program for autism spectrum disorder in Mazandaran 6/10/2017

Carrying out the autism screening program in some cities 6/10/2017

4,000 people have autism in Tehran 2/14/2017

Opening the first Autism Center in Shahr e Rey 2/14/2017

One in every sixty-seven people are born with autism 1/7/2017 1

Gene function and autism spectrum disorder 12/12/2020

Mindfulness in children with autism spectrum disorder 12/12/2020

Autism Charity 6/9/2020 1

Supporting Autistic Children During A Pandemic 5/16/2020

Friendly Autism Charity" 3/31/2020

A secure internet space for autistic children 9/17/2019

Siblings of autistic children and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are at high risk for having both disorders. 9/17/2019

New study links air pollution to a higher risk of autism 7/17/2019

Children with autism thrive in mainstream pre-schools 6/11/2019

Sport therapy 5/28/2019

Could Brain Fluid Provide an Earlier Diagnosis of Autism? 11/4/2018

Drumming helps autistic children 9/22/2018

Programs Bring Autism Families Together with Games 8/19/2018

Blocking Key Enzyme Eases Memory Problems, Anxiety in Autism Mice 8/12/2018

Magnetic Treatment Improves Social Skills in Teenagers with Autism 8/7/2018 1

Quieter Hour 7/30/2018

SCERTS Program 7/25/2018

Mobile App for Autism Screening Yields Useful Data 6/13/2018

The learning machine predicts the early signs of autism disorder 6/11/2018

Autism not linked to eating fish during pregnancy 5/30/2018

Therapy helps those with autism navigate adulthood 5/29/2018

Pupillary reflex may predict autism 5/21/2018

Can cannabidiol be helpful to children with autism spectrum disorder? 5/19/2018

A specifically designed school for children with autism 5/13/2018

Autism rates continue to climb 5/9/2018 1

Checklist of abilities opens window onto lives of people with autism 4/24/2018

'Social brain' in autistic children 4/17/2018

Autism related challenges persist well into adulthood 3/13/2018

New blood and urine test to detect autism in children 3/12/2018

Rehabilitation of adults with autism through cognitive enhancement therapy 2/27/2018

Two-Minute Questionnaire 2/26/2018

Effects of experimental drugs on brain connections in autistic children 2/18/2018

Teaching autistic individuals independent living skills 2/13/2018

A British robot called Kasper 2/6/2018 1

Effects of music therapy on autistic children 2/4/2018 1

Google Glass 1/29/2018

Effects of animal-assisted intervention on autistic children 1/24/2018

Improving autism interventions 1/22/2018

Wings for autism 1/9/2018 1

Effects of some video games on the balance of individuals with autism 12/11/2017

An educational humanoid robot called Nao 12/9/2017

A robot called Milo 11/6/2017

Early autism detection 11/4/2017

20th international conference on autism 10/29/2017

Falling Walls Lab Event and Autism 10/23/2017

Glasses for autism 8/30/2017

A robot called Leka 6/25/2017

Annual Texas autism conference 6/10/2017