Neighborhood friends

Introducing the program
Through this program, small assemblies will be formed in every municipal districts in Tehran in order to provide an opportunity for parents with autistic children living in the same area of a city to meet and know each other, and moreover, to point out and introduce the existing facilities in that district and to hold monthly sessions for friendly chats between these darlings and the members of the foundation. Another objective of this program is to voice their essential needs and requests for a better, peaceful life.
Benefits of the program
  • - Meeting other families with autistic children in your neighborhood
  • - Sharing information and experience with other families
  • - Using the foundation’s educational programs for free
  • - Using the foundation’s publications free of charge
  • - Benefiting from all the recreational programs of the foundation for free (programs such as swimming pool, restaurant, amusement park, and temporary care, etc.)
Joining the program = Benefiting from all our free services